Hong Kong Runway Show 2024SS

The FETICO Hong Kong Runway Show for the 2024 Spring/Summer collection was a notable event that showcased the latest trends and designs from the brand. This show was part of the CENTRESTAGE ELITES, a major fashion extravaganza organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and Create Hong Kong. The event featured collections from both Hong Kong designer Wilson Choi’s brand REDEMPTIVE and acclaimed Japanese designer Emi Funayama’s brand FETICO, drawing an impressive array of industry insiders, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts.

FETICO Spring/Summer 2024 collection, named “Do Not Disturb,” emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s authentic self, irrespective of gender, age, or social status. The collection advocates for women to enjoy freedom of living without interference, showcasing a variety of designs that reflect this ethos. The show not only highlighted FETICO innovative designs but also the brand’s commitment to celebrating individuality and freedom​​​​.

For those interested in the fashion industry or looking to keep up with the latest trends, the FETICO Hong Kong Runway Show for the 2024SS collection represents a blend of creativity, individuality, and modern fashion sensibilities.

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